Question : unable to scan with my HP Photosmart All-in-one printer

Hi there,
I have an Asus Laptop running Vista Business. I also have a HP  Photosmart C6180 All-in One Printer. These are connected to the internet and to each other via a Belkin N Wireless Router.

With this setup I can print and copy all documents from my computer with no trouble.

However I cannot do any scanning - not from the computer itself nor from the printer.

When I try to use the computer I get the message "an unexpected internal error has occurred".
When I try to scan directly from the All-in One I get the message "No scan options - refer to device documentation".

The strange thing is that if I connect the printer directly to my laptop via a USB cable I can scan as well as print and copy.

This leads me to believe that the problem must be with the router.

When I looked in device manager I see that there is a caution mark next to the "Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #4" under Network Adapters.

I have tried uninstalling the HP All-in-One software and then reinstalling it but without any success.

Hopefully you guys will, as usual, help me sort my problem!

Thanks, Inkie

PS: I'm not too computer literate and need things that need to be done explained in step by step format

Answer : unable to scan with my HP Photosmart All-in-one printer

Glad to know that you have your problem solved. Cheers!

Yes. It makes sense.

This is the way of how to convert a USB laser printer into a TCP/IP (i.e. network) printer (connect to a printer server).

First, install the laser printer by USB port (direct to a PC) using the supplied driver CD. Second, attach the laser printer to the print server. Finally, change the port from USB to a TCP/IP in the PC.

But, for scanning, I do not have a HP All-in-One printer to try, but it is good to learn from your case that printing and scanning do share similar workaround for getting the setup done through network.
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