Question : TransactionScope - Sample Code

Hello Experts,

I have a need for a transaction, that will be able to span different tables on different databases.  This led me to the TransactionScope class.  From what I've read online, this should be able to get 'er done.  But from the code samples I've found, I haven't been able to implement it.  Can someone post a working sample code for this?  Nothing complex, just the ability to insert a line into two tables on two different servers, and commit the transaction.

Psuedo Code:
'Start TransactionScope
'Do insert 1 for a table on Database Server 1
'Do insert 2 for a different table on Database Server 2
'Catch any errors
'Commit if successful - Rollback if failed
'End TransactionScope


Answer : TransactionScope - Sample Code

Ive never really used TransactionScope.  You could use 2 sepereate transaction and just roll them both back
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