Question : cisco ddns

this is what I've collected so far mostly using, but am not sure how this last bit works: myip=<a>&host_id=<h> - do I need to replace those or will it use the router's hostname and interfase IP?

int dialer 1
ip dhcp client update dns server both
ip address dhcp

ip ddns update method myupdate
interval maximum 0 0 5 0
add http://USERNAME:[email protected]<a>&host_id=<h>
remove http://USERNAME:[email protected]<a>&host_id=<h>

int dialer 1
ip ddns update hostname
ip ddns update myupdate

Answer : cisco ddns

no, you dont have to replaced them. These values are estimated automatically:

conf t
ip ddns update method METHOD
  add https://your_username:your[email protected]<h>&myip=<a>
maximum 5 0 0 0
 interval minimum 0 0 15 0
int dial 1
 ip ddns update hostname your_hostname
 ip ddns update METHOD host your_hostname

If you copy paste the above commands , cisco CLI can get special characters (for example "?")
Try to upload the config using tftp.
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