Question : SBS 2008 Server running extreamly slow

I am currently having a large performance problem on a Windows SBS2008 server.
If logged into the server to perform routine tasks all application take a long time to respond or open. If browsing to a location in explorer I find explorer will stop responding for over a min before finally performing the chosen action. Opening an MMC is almost impossible as it either takes over 5 mins to finally load the mmc or stops responding completely and has to be killed.
network users are not finding accessing files and location to be slow.

From looking at the resources used by the system I don't see the CPU under too much stress but I notice the memory sending a lot to the virtual page file and that the physical memory is running at over 90% all the time.

The specs of this system are as follows:

2 x Intel Xeon CPU E5405 @ 2.00Ghz
8.0GB RAM ECC 800Mhz

The number of users it serves and the roles it serves:
15 exchange users
20 file server users
Sharepoint is active but not used
No Terminal Services are used as it is SBS 2008 and the only windows server in the domain
Standard Active Directory, DNS, DHCP roles etc

I have included some screenshots below:
This is a screenshot taken when a large amount of data is being moved from physical memory to virtual. This behavior seems to happen at least once every 10-20 mins

This screenshot shows the average use of the memory

This screenshot shows the top memory uses

Answer : SBS 2008 Server running extreamly slow

I'd try disabling kaperski, although it's hardly taking any RAM it's generating an enormous amount of page faults.
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