Question : generate a report of excel files with links

im new to .net and I'm trying to create a program that will search a directory and tally a list of excel documents that have links and output this info to a text file

e.g. :  file 1.xls  
          file 2.xls   *  supportingdoc.xls, supportingdoc2.xls

if possible, I'd like to list the linked documents and read in a text file that has a list of file paths

Answer : generate a report of excel files with links

Hmmm... Have you though about the .load() method in jquery instead of the getdata() function you are currently using.  The reason I suggest this is I know that if there is $(document).ready() script on the "loaded" page of the .load() method, it will be applied on the target page.  Here is a simple example.

<a href="page1.php" class="loadLink">Load Page 1</a>
<div id="container"></div>


I know, it seems too simple.  But that is really all that should be necessary.  If you put your javascript on page1.php that hooks up the dynamic effect, it will be loaded with the rest of the page contents in to the container div.
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