Question : General question regarding Anti-Virus, anti-malware on LAN

At present we are running Symantec's Corporate Edition (Ver for all of our fat computing devices.  This morning we discovered one of our client PC's got hit with either a virus or malware application.  At this time I do not know which one.  Our initial investigation indicates a User was browsing a website that prompted the virus.

I don't know if it is even possible to protect our system 100%, but am concerned the Symantec didn't pick up and resolve the virus in question.  At present we have limited virus protection on our Sonicwall firewall.  Should I abandon the Symantec product, and purchase/install complete Virus protection on our Firewall?  Purchase/install anti-virus on the Firewall AND retain our
Symantec Anti-Virus?  Any other options, such as choosing a different Anti-Protection application (or hardware device) would be greatly appreciated.


Bruce Leypoldt

Answer : General question regarding Anti-Virus, anti-malware on LAN

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