Question : Change Username on SBS2008

I need to change a username on our Small Business Sever 2008 after she got married and changed her name.
I have changed it once using the Active Directory then logged the user onto her machine. It brought her emails up fine but she then did not have access to her My Documents folder or any shared folders on the server. The redirected folders are on and she can no longer sync to it or access it.
I have changed her name back to the original name and everything is now fine.

How do I get it to work so she can access her My Docs folder and shared folders?

Answer : Change Username on SBS2008

I wouldn't change the username, just right click on the user and select rename.

Change the Firstname, lastname and display name.

She will need to login using the old username.

Either that or you will need to create a new user and migrate all the documents over to the new user.
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