Question : Virtualizing SQL

I was wandering if someone could give me suggestions on virtualizing SQL 2008 std or running it on a separate box. I'm running Windows 2008 SBS STD as a domain controller and I need to run SQL std, so I was told to create a virtual machine under Windows 2008 SBS and run it, is this a good idea? Is I do it this way, can I tell windows to run this virtual image at the start up?


Answer : Virtualizing SQL


Referring to that alert you've seen coming from the Anti-Hacker component of KIS 6.0, you have nothing to worry about since the «Intrusion Detection System» component in AH has already blocked that and it's just notifying you that it's doing its job.
If you've set KIS' AH in «Training Mode», the IDS will block ANY attemp coming from anyone trying to break into your PC for 60 minutes. So, you're safe.


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