Question : Looking for a CMS solution

Greetings everyone,

I need to develop a website, front and backend that needs to achieve the following:
- allow frontend user registration and profile management
- calendar function to manage appointments for both users and admin (users can only view their own bookings, admin can view all)
- shopping cart/online payment integration with sales record linked with user database
- report generation (xls, csv) of user data and/or sales data with customizable filters

I am fairly confident with PHP/MySQL programming, I've used/hacked around with Joomla and WordPress, not to the extent of writing my own plug-ins but I've modified others to suit my needs.

I'm wondering if say Drupal or any existing CMS solutions (free and open source) will do the job.


Answer : Looking for a CMS solution

I think Drupal can meet your needs with a combination of core functionality (for user registration/ profiles)  combined with the following modules:
Ubercart for shopping cart & reports (you need to verify regarding reports meet all your needs or check if there is another module that extends the Ubercart reporting to meet your needs)
Calendar:  pick your favorite modules from among many:

The Drupal community is very large & helpful as well.
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