Question : Deploy Printer Drivers to WinXP Computers

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I am needing to deploy a bunch of Printer Drivers to all workstations in a SBS 2003 environment so that when a User connects remotely to a workstation, they can use their Local Resource Printer via Remote Desktop Connection. Presently, if the workstation does not have the driver, a locally mapped printer object does not get created.

I can use RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL, PrintUIEntry /ia /f "\\SERVER\SHARE\PrinterDriver.inf" /m "Printer Model" to install the driver, but ideally I would like to deploy this via a AD Security Group by adding a Computer to a Group. Thoughts to date are to either:

Create MSI and deploy MSI through Software Install of GPO


Add PRINTUI command to Logon Script, and let Logon Script parse group membership and apply accordingly.


Execute batch file for each printer (unmanaged)

Ideally I would like to store all Printer Drivers centrally on File Server and create security groups to manage deployment. When using the PRINTUI command, I noticed that even after using the /dd switch  to remove driver the entry would still show in the list of Printers by Manufacturer and Model - strange ..... one would think that removing the driver would remove from the list of printers.

Ultimately I will have to be doing this for multiple printer models on multiple computers - having the control to target certain computers and not all is required.

Answer : Deploy Printer Drivers to WinXP Computers

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