Question : How can I get AutoMySQLBackup to email logs?


I set up AutoMySQLBackup & want it to send a log back to me all the time so I put my email address in the conf file but no email.

I assume I need to install some smtp or email client/package & possibly open the firewall up?

I would like to use our other server to send the emails so I do not need to install any mail server on this server.

Answer : How can I get AutoMySQLBackup to email logs?

I do not want to make a MX record & have clients trying to access it. I will not change anything apart from settings on this linux server as it is the problem.

I would like it to just send email using my current email server (this is a local server not ISP hosted). The same way as everything else does when you ask them to email logs. Like on some switches or routers & other servers all I have done is add the following to the outgoing mail server.

smtp server = mailserver.mydomain.local

Is there a way for me to just add that somewhere so that the mail command will send?
This seems more like what I want to do.

I got it to work following this.

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