Question : unable to enable Archive Mailbox in Exchange 2010

I would like to enable archive mailboxes in Exchange 2010.
In the EMC (Recipient Configuration -> Mailbox -> usermailbox)
I get the following error:
Action 'Enable Archive' could not be performed on Object 'usermailbox X'
Active Directory operation failed on (DC x). This error is not retrialble.
Additional infomation: Insufficient access rights to perfom the operation.
Active directory response: 00002098: SecErr: DSID-03150BB9, problem 4003
(INSUFF_Access_Rights), data 0

The user has insufficient access rights.

the user is the domanin admin we use to mange an create new mailboxes. This happens with all recipients on our server. Also when I create a new mailbox, there is no option to create an achive mailbox together with the mailbox

Our Environment:
DCs running on windows 2008R2 and windows 2003 R2
Exchange Server running on Member server Windows 2008 R2

any help is welcome

Answer : unable to enable Archive Mailbox in Exchange 2010

i foud a solution.
after i entered the PowerShell Command for one mailbox
Enable-Mailbox "mailbox name" -Archive

it worked.

Now it works also with the EMC. The only thing is, that the Icon in the EMC does not change for user with archive mailboxes..

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