Question : Best route to split VMDK

I have a server that I P2Ved about a year ago, however when I did the server, I created it as a single 1.5TB vmdk file; I'm finding that the data drive is starting to get a little full, so I would ideally like to split it into a seperate vmdk file (1.5TB) and split the boot and other drive partition into their seperate VMDKs as well. What is the best route for doing this, and obviously one that has the least amount of impact to risk of the VM. I would likely make a backup using my Backup Exec agent of the VM to ensure we have availability.

Answer : Best route to split VMDK, the only way to achieve what you're wanting to do is to 1. create separate disk space (LUNs) on your SAN and add them as datastores then create VMDKs from the disk space and copy the data over to the new volumes (or use your b/u solution to restore the data); or, create the LUNs and direct-connect them via RDM to your VM, but you would then still need to copy the data from the old volumes to the new ones; or lastly, do a conversion as mentioned above allocating only the space you need for your disks.

As "arun" mentions...b/u your data and VMs prior to making any changes, although the steps shouldn't (again...shouldn't) corrupt/remove/delete anything.

Hope this helps.
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