Question : OWA freezes attaching large files to an email

We are having trouble with OWA when trying to attach a file to an email of over 250kb or so.  The client will sit there and churn for 30 minutes after hitting attach and never reach a state where you can send the email.  

The problem doesn't occur in Outlook, and our send/receive limit is 10mb.  The problem doens't occur at any particular time of day or activity level, and is reproducible every time.

Any suggestions?  I'm googling like a fiend, but so far I've not had much luck.

Answer : OWA freezes attaching large files to an email

This is possible only of these web apps allow for a higher end feature

See, the 'other' end has to provision the high res pictures for you; there is nothing you can do on your end to put a magic wand to get a high res output.

BTW, Google Earth allows you to email your images/views...

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