Question : Autloader and Cleaning Tape Mounts (Considered a "use" with every mount?)

I'm working with an HP LTO 3 autoloader running Backup Excec 12.5.  Slot 8 is desginated as a cleaning slot.  When a new cleaning tape is inserted the properties on the tape show a maximum of 20 uses.

I'm trying to understand if each time the cleaning tape is mounted it is considered a use.  I have an inventory job set up that runs once a week that inventories all slots and the cleaning tape seems to be being expired based on uses quicker than I thought it would be.  I do not have any cleaning jobs scheduled and have not seen an alert stating that the drive needs cleaned in the Backup Exec alert assumed that the drive was cleaning itself when needed.  But, I can't see where it would have cleaned itself 20 times in five months.

Thanks for any assistance.

Answer : Autloader and Cleaning Tape Mounts (Considered a "use" with every mount?)

Since a cleaning slot cannot be inventoried, when you need to replace tape,right click on the SLOT and run an EXPORT . It will move the cleaning tape to the MAIL SLOT if your autoloader supports AUTOMATIC import/export else will prepare the media for removal and update the Backup Exec database.
Run an Import to introduce the new cleaning tape.
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