Question : code for express check out with Paypal.

Hello All,

I am building shopping cart ,can you please send me the code for the express checkout with the paypal integration.

thanx in advance.

Answer : code for express check out with Paypal.

Hey 'arun'...I think a VMware Community post I researched referenced that KB. I'm fairly sure the community poster had a server host he/she was trying to convert, yet used that KB, but I don't recall...that was like waaayyyy early this morning! :P  But regardless, it is something to consider. Since it's a registry change, and on a somewhat legacy system, it's quite likely the registry described in the KB won't apply. That being said, "matt"...what you can try to do is just image your physical box with Acronis (trial version) or Symantec Backup Recovery and then convert that image file to VMDK. Here is a solution I found that uses different utilities but worked for the poster:

I also found this VMware Community post:, which then referenced this VMware KB:, which then references this MS KB: (yes, it's for 2K3, but VMware used this for a 2K8 issue)
Whew! :) I know it's a lot, sorry. Basically, I recommend looking 1st through the VMware KB, then the MS KB. If those don't work for you, reference the 'sanbarrow' link I provided. Then, if that don't work, try the Acronis/Symantec image then converter solution. One of those are bound to work for you 'matt'. :)

Keep us posted...
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