Question : Excel treeview object

Installation of XL2010 made my mscomctl.ocx based treeview component obsolete.

I am willing to recreate all code, but would like to use a component which would not require distribution to users. This was the case with the treeview since XL2003. (actually also before but I cant remember the first version where I got a editable treeview from office developers toolkit.

Where can I find a office developers toolkit (I gues it needs to be min 2007)
or can anyone provide a way forward here.
I have VSTO2008 available.

thx cslarsen

Answer : Excel treeview object

Have you installed Excel 64 bit? In that case none of the common controls (in fact no ActiveX control at all) will work, as those are 32 bit.
VSTO is your way to go if you want to use controls from outside of 64 bit Office.
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