Question : Lotus Domino Mail Queue


i got two domino servers, CIELFORESTSIDE/FLOREAL located at site A, MAILMADASRV/FLOREAL located at site B, which is linked via a L2L Tunnel using a cisco ASA + PIX.

The Tunnel was broken, and cisco guys fixed it up.. Since they interveined, no emails is being routed to the server, and here is the output..

Results from "tell router show":
Msgs State     Via   Destination
    75 Busy(5)      NRPC  CN=MAILMADASRV/O=FLOREAL (Push)

i also tried route *, waited for approx 1 hour, but not a single email transfered... Also cisco confirmed that there is nothing to do with the Tunnel, as we can ping, ssh, rdp both server from both sides..

Answer : Lotus Domino Mail Queue

It baffles me too. I hoped to find that the was corrupted, but alas...

Another option is to test with debugging enabled. It will generate a LOT of data in the log files. Whether it works from server to server I don't know, so be careful.

 How do you see the NRPC traffic that flows between the Notes client and the Domino server?
Use the client NOTES.INI parameter CLIENT_CLOCK=1 then restart your client.  A debug window will appear and the NRPC traffic wil be shown in the window.

Another interesting document:$file/MailroutingT-shootingFinal.pdf
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