Question : Any sandbox tool out there for opening file attachments safely?


Someone sent me an attachment in an email but I don't really know if it's legit or not. Is there a way I can open it in some sandbox (I'm on a mac) so that in case it's got some malware in it, I can just wipe the sandbox? Any tool like that? Something like virtual box?


Answer : Any sandbox tool out there for opening file attachments safely?

Hi! there doesn't seem to be a Sandboxie! alternative for Mac OS, but i was thinking why u need to be concerned as most of the malwares are designed and targeted for Win OSes, the chances of getting infected is fairly remote!
You have GUI to the inherent Sandbox feature of MAC available.But No Sandboxie sort of application yet available for mac!

Sandboxie for Win has Email protection capabilities!

The straight forward way to use Sandboxie would be to have a Virtual Machine deployed! using any of the tools like VMware Fusion or Parallels.

If you really want to run something in sandbox mode under OS X  (leopard), just enable Guest Login (not sharing, just login at the login  window as guest).
It is a one time account, has limited privileges (by default OS X users  are Admin users, and can modify the applications folder and library  folder without being prompted for a password, but they cannot make  sweeping systems changes) and when you log out all modifications done in  it are deleted.
Again, the first user still has admin privileges, if you want, create a  second user without admin privileges, and then you can ONLY do system  modifications by typing in the username and password of the first  account.

Hope this helps,
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