Question : Backup solution for remote worker

I'm am a remote worker (often out of the country) and I want to setup a way to access my files where ever I am and for them to be syncronized.  The majority of the time I will be using a computer at work, my netbook or a desktop at home.  

I was think about using the Dropbox with 50 gig space at $9.99 a month for the bulk of my data.  The big problem I have with this particular solution and its the same for the competors i know about (MSN mesh, sync, drive ect ) is the security.  If somebody obtains my password then they can access any data uploaded.  Also the employees at these companys can see the data if they want to.  

Another draw back is it doesnt let you select folders. For example i like to be able to select the firefox profile folder to be sync to transfer settings between pc's but again i am concerned with security, somebody obtaining my password.

I know data can encrypted using tools like true crypt but if the true crypt volume is say 150 mb and each time a change is made, no matter how small, it will need to retransmit the whole 150 mb.  It would be different if i could mount to a cloud storage as a mapped network drive.  just like it is possible using a vpn into a private office server.

Does anyone have any suggestions????

Answer : Backup solution for remote worker

Thats i found net only .... (not adviseable thing )

But you can try  this  it may be helpful for you ...

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