Question : New SBS2008 Server Running Slow due to high memory usage


I have a client where we just installed a new sbs2008 server.  This client consists of five (5) users (three (3) everyday users), using POP3 connector and the Smart host for Internet e-mail.  Software running on the system - Drake and Quickbooks.

Questions I have are regarding slowness due to high memory usage.  Server has 4GB of memory with Task Manager reporting constant usage between 3.60 and 3.92.  The pagefile is pegged at 4.8GB.  Usage of memory is regulated to these top candidates: SMEX_Master.exe/SMEX_RemoteConfig.exe (236400k), w3wp.exe (224140k), SQLServr.exe (176804k), ICRCService (148072k), EdgeTransport.exe (88496k), and SQLServr.exe *32 (81900k).

Reading regarding these services and their high memory usage: 1) I might uninstall/re-install Trend Micro (Scanmail) which in some reported cases reduced its memory usage, 2) I understand that Exchange 2007 is a memory hog needing at least 4GB of memory, 3) I am lead to believe under sbs2008 the page file should match the size of the physical memory, and 4)

Are my assumptions correct?  Any other recommendations on getting memory usage on this system under control?  Any additional information needed allowing for better recommendations?  

Any assistance, recommendations and/or insight will be and is greatly appreciated.

Answer : New SBS2008 Server Running Slow due to high memory usage

Are you using Content Filtering within ScanMail?  That would require more memory.  Also, do you have transport level attachment and/or store level attachment blocking enabled?<TR id="BridgeHeadEnableFunction"><TD width="20"></TD><TD>
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