Question : OCE 9400 plotter doesn't start

Our OCE 9400 plotter just went braindead. When I press the power button, the LCD screen goes on and shows the character ">" and it stops there. No selftest, no motors are spinning, no sound whatsoever from the plotter, it just shows ">" on the LCD. There is no OCE authorised service in the area where I live and the "specialists" who came to see the plotter couldn't do anything with it.
Does anybody knows about what could I do  to find out what's wrong with it so I would order and replace the defective parts?

Answer : OCE 9400 plotter doesn't start

The manual for your plotter is located here.
We use these plotters quite a bit and they can be headaches.
It sounds as if your plotter either has a failed power supply or logic board.
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