Question : Password reset at next logon

Hello Everybody,

I have done some looking online and it seems this question is all over the place but can't find a solution.

When i enable "User must change password at next logon" in active directory, they are no longer able to login using OWA or Windows SharePoint Services 3. Is there a way around that? I want the user to be able to change their password when using OWA or WSS just like they do when logging onto their desktop.

I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.


Answer : Password reset at next logon

Within default SharePoint environment, SharePoint users are not allowed to change their passwords on their own. Therefore, you either write code for it or use web part to get it done.
In terms of writing code,  I do not have any resource comes to my mind. However, as always, you can pay a visit to MSDN to find it by yourself.
If you want to use web part, then codeplex is a good place to go. I am using a web  part called SharePoint Password Change, it gives me more security which is valued in my company.
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