Question : iphone saying can't connect to server on Exchange 2010 account...

I had an Exchange 2010 mailbox that I setup and it was working fine with my iphone. I just deleted the account and re-created it and now even though the settings haven't changed it says 'can't connect to e-mail server' on the iphone.

Mobile features are on in the Exchange account
SSL is on and there is a valid 3rd party cert
I can send/receive find from Outlook on my computer
It can connect to the server and says it's verified the account

The only strange thing is that I see a disconnected mailbox for the username, I figure because I just removed the old one and then a new one was created with the same credentials.

Can this be effecting the ActiveSync with the iphone?

Answer : iphone saying can't connect to server on Exchange 2010 account...

Please check the Inherit permission son the Security Tab> Advanced button - it may have become unticked:

If you open up Active Directory Users and Computers and locate one of your users that is not working, Double-Click into the account and click on the Security Tab (if this is not visible, Click on View> Advanced Features from the Menu at the top of the screen then navigate back to your user). Once on the security tab, click on the Advanced Button and make sure that the ‘Include Inheritable Permissions From This Object’s Parent’ is ticked. Click OK twice to close the user account.

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