Question : VNC server Ubuntu 10.04


I am able to vnc (from my windows mach) to my ubuntu server (over our local network) only after I have logged into the Gnome session which all well and good.
Note: Just using the default RDP configuration with Vino setup

On my ubuntu box if I log off a gnome session and then try to vnc from my windows box it refuses the connection.  I can still ssh to the ubuntu box. This I have setup.  

Is there a way to connect  to the ubuntu box from my windows box via vnc even though the gnome session is closed.  I don't want to physically log into the ubuntu box and keep the session alive so I can vnc to it

I was thinking if it's possible to ssh to the ubuntu machine, login as the user and start the gnome-session remotely so I can vnc to it except I don't know what the commands are. Is this possible and can anyone kindly assist or point me in the right direction.

Answer : VNC server Ubuntu 10.04

I don't know vino vnc server, but assume that vino vnc server works on an existing opened desktop.
Thas if there is no existing opened desktop you can't connec tto it.

As I don't know your exact use case I don't know whether following solution is viable for you.

- ssh to your host
- start up a vncserver (e.g. tightvncserver  after having installed it) with the command 'vncserver'
- create a password
- you should have a message telling you the new desktop name
example: Desktop name "gelonida's X desktop (mypc:1)"
- connect now with your vnc viewer to mypc:1

this will be an 'invisible' VNC session.
It will not be visible if you're physically in front of the remote pc.

However on the PC itself anda fter logging in to it.
you could use
vncviewer localhost:1 (with above example display) to connect to it.

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