Question : Sql Query

Have to write a query that will display month wise data and perform calculation on each month and show me the result for each of them like january,feb,march,april ,may and june.Please help me here.
select sess.EXCHANGE,
       max(li.latency_micro_sec) AS max_latency ,
       min(li.latency_micro_sec) AS min_latency,
       round(avg(li.latency_micro_sec),2) AS avg_latency,
       round(median(li.latency_micro_sec),2) AS med_latency,
       round(stddev(li.latency_micro_sec),2) AS stddev_latency
from latency_info li,
     threshold_lookup tl,
     xl_sessions sess,
     server_master sm,
     server_details sd, owner o
where li.trade_date BETWEEN add_months(TRUNC(SYSDATE),-1) AND SYSDATE
and   tl.instance = li.INSTANCE
and   sess.INSTANCE = li.INSTANCE
and   o.OWNER_ID = sm.OWNER_ID
and sm.OWNER_ID = sd.OWNER_ID(+)
and li.LATENCY_MICRO_SEC < 100000
and o.OWNER_TYPE = 'T'
group by sess.EXCHANGE,sess.REGION,trim(sd.DATA_CENTER)

Answer : Sql Query

I have found that when adding users in SharePoint you need to spell their name exactly or it will not resolve. Also you should be able to click on the smei-completed name and it should resolve the user for you.
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