Question : Mail stuck in Lotus oubox

I've followed a few threads attempting to resolve a lingering problem with "You have outgoing mail pending. Do you want to transfer it now".  Using v8.5.  Whether I use the local or server based mail, the error continues.  If responding "Yes" to the dialogue, status bar returns "Replication error.  Document has been rejected by mail rule, sending mail at..."  Checked for rules - none.  Attempted to open (as previously advised in posts) to determine if any mail stuck, but "Lotus Symphony does not support this file format" returned.  Would prefer not to turn off replication as frequently use mail and other Lotus databases offline.
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Answer : Mail stuck in Lotus oubox

Try and open your file directly within notes instead of double-clicking on it. Go To File->Open->Lotus Notes Application and type in the file name. Additionally, try typing in the file name as well and see if that (1) it exists and (2) if any messages are stuck in there.

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