Question : Dot Net IL Code to C# conversion

Hi All,

I wanna build Dot Net Reflector (which is a tool needs to be build in one of my client's application, hence i cannot use third party tool, such as .NET Reflector by Red Gate). I already succeded to read the code in a function or method in IL code. What i  require now is to convert th IL code into C# kangauge. Is any body help me for this problem.

As already said i am bound not to use third party tool hence i need to re-invent the tool to convert IL to C#.

Any help will be appritiated.

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Answer : Dot Net IL Code to C# conversion

I've used those tools on some of my code by first compiling my code, then decompiling it and to be honest those tools don't do a perfect job.

What you are trying to do is very complex and will take a LONG time.  There isn't an easy solution.

I can point you in the right direction but you will have to do a lot of work yourself.  If you don't have the experience to mix C++ with .NET I think you are going to struggle to complete this work.
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