Question : How do I charge for a job?

I am new to doing large projects for my clients. Usually I am doing PC upgrades, installs & moves, removing viruses, disaster planning, project management.

A present client who I do PC/server support for has Windows 2000 server on 3 of their servers. (they only have 3 servers, PDC, BDC & File Server). I have done new installs and upgrades in the past so I am not concerned with that part of the job.

My question is how do I bill for such a project? I have a quote for 3 copies of Windows 2008 Standard with sufficient licenses. I was going to pass on the cost of the software with no markup and charge 10 hours consulting rate ($90/hour) per server. The office has 8 PCs running Windows XP Pro 32-bit edition.

thanks in advance for all responses.

Answer : How do I charge for a job?

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