Question : Reset HMC on P5 520

I have 2 IBM P5 520 that were moved from another site into my location.  I don't have the HMC IPs or the accounts to login to either unit.  Is there a way to reset both HMC ports back to the factory settings. ie IP of with username/password as admin/admin

Answer : Reset HMC on P5 520


the only way to reset the admin password is using the reset toggle jumpers on the service processor.

To reset the toggle jumper on the service processor, move both service processor reset toggle switches from their current position to the  opposite position.

Now you can access the ASMI via ASCII terminal, with userid admin, password admin.

There is an option to reset network configuration.

You can then set new static or dynamic IP addresses of eth0 and eth1 using the ASMI menus, if you wish.

I never had to to this, so I can't promise that it will actually work.
Don't you have a service contract with IBM or a third party service provider?
They could reset the password for you!

Good luck anyway!

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