Question : Parallels Server Networking

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I have Parallels server for Mac. I have it on my MacBook Pro & have Windows Server 2008 & installations of Windows 7, Vista & XP on it.

What I want to achieve is that there should be virtual networking in it. I want to have a real world networking environment where I want to make my Win 2008 as Server & other virtual machines as its clients.

I later want to test AD & all other features of Win 2008 server with windows clients. Its basically a lab setup to prepare for MS Certification.

I have 8GB of RAM on my Mac Pro & I am having a Wireless connection at home. I don't want to disturb my home network that is why I want to isolate Parallels Server Network so that it doesn't disturb my home network. There is no server in home network & only access to internet is via Wireless.

I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on my Mac.


Answer : Parallels Server Networking

a MAC user is pursuing MS certs, hehe, not bad. :)

as per your requirements, you may choose HOST ONLY in Parallels's network configuration. it will give you a separated VIRTUAL network for your lab environment. your physical home LAN and the virtual LAN on MAC can't access each other, though all VMs on the virtual LAN can access each other like they are living on a real network.

FYI - Parallels Desktop Networking FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

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