Question : Windows XP Pro pirate issue

I have a laptop (Dell) that was purchased about 4 years ago with a pre-installed OEM copy of Windows XP (it was bought brand new from Dell website, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pirate copy).

About six months ago, the laptop was donated to a family member, but instead of struggling with a cleanup process I really didn't have time for, I took it to the local computer shop and asked them to do a format/install. When I got it back everything seemed in order and the laptop was passed on to said family member, who has since been using it with great delight. However, after some time, certain updates started failing because windows genuine advantage reported that it was a pirate copy of Windows XP.

I downloaded a key change utility from microsoft, but when attempting to change the product key to the valid OEM key that came with the laptop I get a "...not valid for this system" error.

I then ran the Magicjellybean keyfinder which showed me the key that the installation was done with (not the same as the OEM key on the back of the laptop obviously) and it reported that "Full Packaged Product" media was used for the install. So I'm guessing the genius at the computer shop didn't have the OEM media and when the OEM key that I explicitly asked him to use failed, he just used a crack key.

I don't have the original media that came with the laptop and therefore cannot do a fresh or repair install from that. I don't have any other XP OEM CDs available either.

I suspect I've answered my own question and there's no other way of resolving this than finding the correct media and doing a repair or install from that. I'll give points if someone can just verify (and substantiate) this, but if anyone can actually provide an easier solution I would happily allocate double points.

Any ideas?

Answer : Windows XP Pro pirate issue

ESM->Exchange Server->Default smtp Virtual Server->Properties->Access->Relay

there is the option "allow computers which sucessfully authenticate to relay" if its is checked then its not open to relays.
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