Question : Backup Script

Does anybody know of a good backup script to copy data from one place to another on a Windows based server.
I want it to copy changes only, not the entire data etc.
I would prefer it to be a simple .bat scipt

Answer : Backup Script

Very simple.
If he is connecting from the owner's home we can safely assume it will either be from the same PC or a small set of known machines.
In that case, get the computer names.
Then change the logon script that runs for everyone in a TS (USRLOGON.CMD) and at the end add something like:

IF NOT %USERNAME% == "that_particular_username" Goto End

So resuming: check if the username matches the user you want to allow. If not, simply skip to the end (meaning do nothing). But if it matches it will go to the next line and check the %CLIENTNAME% (this passes the computer name the client is connecting from). If it does NOT match the one you want to allow, run a TSLOGOFF what will kick him out of the system.
Is this what you are looking for?

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
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