Question : Storage vMotion general system error

This error is returned when a VM was storage VMotion from one datastore to another datastore.
Auto-Modify Virtual Machine Device Protection
A general system error occurred:
Datastore used by VM not found among replicated datastores
AD\vmsa VMCON1.Ad.local

Using VMware 4.1, SRM 4 and EMC SANs.  The VM was moved from a SRM protected datastore to another SRM protected datastore.  Prior to the move no changes to SRM were made. SRM protected site and recovery plans were updated after the move.

How significant is this error?  How to prevent it?

Answer : Storage vMotion general system error

Unfortunately, no.

The regsrv32 process is a Windows process that must be running to register DLLs.

It's not a huge deal to deploy and capture again.

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