Question : Unique DC demotion situation

Any thoughts on how badly this is going to blow up on me?

Long story short, someone got on the server and tried to restore a file using Retrospect.  Well, they managed to bring the system state back with it.  This system state restore isn't active because it has to be booted into AD restore mode to do so-and I don't want to go there.

I've since brought a second DC online, transferred the 5 roles over, added it as the DHCP, DNS and GC servers.

The plan that I am considering is demoting the "sick" DC, rebooting into restore mode and at that point seeing if I need to manually uninstall anything related to AD via the AD install wizard, and then rebooting into normal mode.  Any thoughts about taking it off the network from the time of the first reboot until I'm sure that it's now just another member server?  The last thing I want is for it to reclaim all it's original roles.  

Answer : Unique DC demotion situation

You need to change your SMTP connector to forward all email to the Trend Micro servers.

Trend Micro should have provided you with the details of where to point your SMTP connector.

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