Question : gigabit switch range?

I've notice in our factory that we have a (old) hub dating back to along time.  It's a 16 port 10base T dynamode.   I'm looking at replacing the hub with a gigabit switch and I am not sure if the switches will be capable due to the cablie length and type.

The cable stretches from our offices to the factory.  The cable is 110 meters Cat5e cabling from switch to switch.  The switch in the office is then wired to our server room switch.  

No one is complaining about the network speed in the factory but I have noticed it to be very slow compared to the main office.  

all our switches are netgears and i want to upgrade each of the netgears switches to gigbits. Any advice you have would be welcome?

Answer : gigabit switch range?

You need to change your SMTP connector to forward all email to the Trend Micro servers.

Trend Micro should have provided you with the details of where to point your SMTP connector.

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