Question : Domain users cannot log on to SBS 2008 domain

Hi everybody,

I'm in the middle of a project - installling a SBS 2008 in a domain with 2 Windows 2008 standard servers (one working as a TS and the other as a SQL).

Everything was going fine....I connected both thin clients and pc's (using the "http://connect) and was able to log on to the domain afterwards. I was also able to log on to the TS...

THen I made a GPO for the TS users - that also worked fine...

...but then... When I tried to log onto the domain (with a domain user account) from one of the pc's (Windows 7) it just showed the "Welcome..."-screen and the it said "Logging off" and went back to the "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" login screen.

No matter what domain user account I'm using og what pc - it does the same. No problem with the same account through RDP to the TS. And the strange thing is - when I use an account thats a member of the Domain Admins - there is no problems.

I have already tried deleting the GPO's I've made - no luck...

Can anybody help me out here...??

Answer : Domain users cannot log on to SBS 2008 domain

Found the was not the SBS 2008 that caused it.... It was my notebook clients - all pre-installed HP notebooks.

I usually uninstall a lot of the software that's pre-installed on the pc's - and some of it (I still don't know what) seems to cause the problem. I think it's the HP ProtectTool... When I roll the pc back to a prevoius state - everything is alright again...

So problem (sort of) fixed :)
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