Question : Need to monitor specific events in SCOM 2007 R2

Installed a new server for SCOM 2007 R2 and am trying to setup a monitor to record logon events  Specific event ID's are 529;531;532;533;534;535;536;537;539;675.

Nothing is showing up in the monitor window for these events.  I must be missing something.
I created a folder called Security Events under monitor then created a new event view to monitor the events above.  Nothing is displaying even though the specific servers are set to log success and failure events.

Answer : Need to monitor specific events in SCOM 2007 R2

ACS is designed to monitor security events and report on IT so you should collect and report on these events there to have the best experience.
The predefined report will help you do increase value to our reporting in relation to other events.
Just creating a view without having event rules to collect them is not possible. If if you don't want alert you can create a rule to just log them en report on them. Same way as described but than under the rules section.
Still, wath you want is a correct configured ACS to fit your needs.
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