Question : syslink Router

Dear Experts,
I have an issue with my syslink router, the issue is that when I connect a laptop directly to the modem I get 5MB upload and 20MB download when I do a speed test. when I connect the laptop to the syslink router I get 1MB upload and 20MB download, I check all the settings and upload is set to allow 6MB. I also replaces the cable and the port for syslink. in addition when I do a speed test from network computers I get 0.80MB upload and 20MB download.
Any ideas what else I can check to import the upload speed?
Thank you

Answer : syslink Router

did you have a syslink or a linksys?  if 4 ports Syslink - solaris I need the router verions.

If linksys
check what firmware you have on the router and upgrade. If you look under access restrictions , do you see anything called QoS ? if yes you can limit the bandwidth consumed here.
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