Question : ARP Blocking with in the domain.

Hello EEs,


From last 10-15 days i have realized that my network performance have fallen down, when i am accessing any pc in my network the respond time is bitter higher then expected,

Then i google about it & found that if i block ARP protocol which is basically do the broadcast containing the size of 60kb.

Now kindly advice :-

* What will be the effect of blocking ARP Protocol in each PC in my domain & what will be the benefits?

* If I should block ARP then how can i block it & by which software i can do this?

* If ARP blocking effect my domain PC to communicate to domain then can i do some editing in host file of each PC?

* Pls advice any free / paid software by which i an analyze my network performance in my network which should not effect my network flow,

An earlier reply will really be appreciated,

Many thanks,


Answer : ARP Blocking with in the domain.

It sounds like you have a BlackJack II if the space and sym are the same button.

According to the user manual, hold down the space button to get the the symbol grid.

Short press inserts a space.
Press and hold to display the symbols grid.
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