Question : Send "blast" email to all correspondents from Outlook 2007?

Hi -

I use Outlook 2007.  I have several email addresses, and Outlook fetches and sends email to/from all of them.  One of the email addresses (the one associated with my work) is going to be changing at the end of the month.

I would like to send a "notice of change of address" email to everyone who has sent me an email at that address over the past two years, and everyone to whom I have sent an email from that email address over the past two years.  Of course, there's overlap: most people who have sent me one or more emails at that address have also received one or more emails from me, from that address.

Is there a simple or programmatic way to compile the list of addresses, and create outgoing emails to the list so that each recipient gets only one email no matter how many emails I've received from them or sent to them over the past two years?  Ideally, the emails would be sent separately (and not to several hundred cc's) to avoid them being identified as spam.

If it helps, I have "Outlook Business Contact Manager" available to me, but haven't installed it.


Answer : Send "blast" email to all correspondents from Outlook 2007?

Aha, found a nice piece of software that did the job for me:
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