Question : ssh - local software remote files

I have ssh'd into my university account. I wish to be able to edit and compile some code which is saved on the remote machine.

Compilation is not a problem, but if I type:

  gedit mycode.c

it says 'cannot open display'. What I suspect is happening is that it's attempting to run the actual gedit software remotely. However, is there a way I can load this remote code into a locally-ran editor, and then when I hit 'save' it updates my file on the remote machine?

I realise I could copy the file to my drive, edit it, then copy it back each time I need to compile it but this is too much hassle. I'd also like to avoid using NX since there's not much bandwidth available...

Thank you for any suggestions!

Answer : ssh - local software remote files

MS initiator doesn't support teaming.
With 2 NICS, two switches and 2 ports on the SAN target you should go to the iSCSI initiator and login to all 4 paths to the LUN, then you can select Round Robin under load balancing policy, it doesn't always loa balance very well though as it's relying on equal traffic on each LUN, appplies.

There may be a DSM from Cybernetics, if not the MS DSM ought to work OK, don't forget to enable MPIO or you may see the same LUN 4 times.
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