Question : Virus Problem - Infecting .exe files on Netware Share

We recently got hit by a very nasty virus. One of our users opened a scam email claiming to be a facebook email. Of course the .zip attached carried an .exe inside that the user opened. This lead to the virus sending emails to other users in the network and by the time all was said and done, infecting 8 other machines. We cleaned, re-imaged, etc. But some of the machines kept getting re-infected.

The only thing that these machines had in common was that the help desk employee was using files to update McAfee, MalwareBytes, etc off this one network share. So I did a search on that share for any recently updated file. The day the virus hit matched a whole bunch of files on that share as being modified. Even files we never use. So I set up a test machine, and sure enough running any of these installer files infected the machine.

My question is, how is this possible? Do you believe they infected the server that holds the files, it's a Netware 6.5 SP5 server.  I don't believe so, but wanted to make sure because I am not sure why the virus picked that server since the users had mappings to about 5 other severs as well. Or maybe those are infected too and we just don't know it.

Any suggestions on how I can be certain that removing the infected files removed the threat? Any scans I can run on the network, etc? I have a packet sniffer up and running, but was only trained to search for SMTP traffic.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer : Virus Problem - Infecting .exe files on Netware Share

Most flag that as a worm.
Running Flashdisinfector will help(applies to net drives)
Some info:

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