Question : sql server udp port

The udp port  1045 for the sql server 2000 named instance stopped working.  I installed portqry and the port 1045 is not listening on either tcp or udp.  I tried changing the port to 1435 and restarting the sql server.  Still not listening

Answer : sql server udp port

The Ribbon is the thing DEVELOPERS hate the most. Most standard users seem to like it just fine, assuming we (as developers) provide them with the correct choices for the current activity. At least that's been my finding from my (very unscientific) surveys (i.e. ask the users "Hey, what do you think of the ribbon interface?").

I was like MX when I first started with 07, but once I got into the whole Ribbon thing I found it to be pretty simple to use, and I like the ease with which you can customize it. Some of it is a bit irritating, but then so is any new technology. Of course I prefer the older toolbar/menu stuff, but then I've used it for many years and am comfortable with it. I'm sure in a few years we'll all say "Yeah we used to fuss about that too". As they told us at the Summit - "Love it or hate it, the Ribbon is here to stay."
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