Question : companyweb site not found

I have found some similar issues on here, but nothing seems to quite fit my scenario, and I am not sure what I am overlooking.

We have a server running SBS 2008, with the sharepoint site setup. Our users are no longer able to access the company sharepoint site through http://companyweb from their browsers. This worked on Friday, and no updates have been made or installed to the server.

I can run ping and nslookup on the companyweb alias and it returns the server's IP and name information, and the DNS record maps it to servername.domain.local.

I can access the sharepoint site through the address, both internally and externally, so it would seem the site is functioning, I am not seeing why we can't access it internally through the companyweb alias.

Any pointers on what i am missing?

Answer : companyweb site not found

Have you run the SBS 2008 BPA? Check to see if there are any issues which mention companyweb/sharepoint.

Can you access sharepoint actually on the server itself from companyweb, rather than on the clients?

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