Question : Hotel Reservation System

Hi all,

I am developing a small hotel reservation system (a project) using C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005 Express database. I need to know how to prevent a customer to reserve a room while another customer has booked the same room. I think there is something wrong with the database structure I have made. Following are some of the tables.

Hotel: HotelID, HotelName, etc......
RoomType: RoomTypeID, HotelID, RoomTypes, StandardRate.
Customer: CustomerID, FirstName, LastName etc...
Booking: BookingID, CustomerID, HotelID, CheckinDate, CheckoutDate, NumberOfRoomsBooked.

So my question is how to accomodate the changes in the database where it should not allow a customer to book the same room which has already been booked by another customer?

Looking forward to your reply.



Answer : Hotel Reservation System

Have you run the "Connect to the Internet" and "configure my internet address" wizards? SBS/Exchange will not send mail until you have done so.
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