Question : Transferring files from Point A to Point B via .NET

I have been asked to develop a program that has the following requirements:

1)      Transfer files from Point-A to Point-B that are not on the same network
2)      Can not modify any firewall settings
3)      Can not use any email integration
4)      No 3rd party tools
5)      No Remote Desktop mapping of drives
6)      No ftp
7)      Multiple users must be able to utilize simultaneously

I had originally thought of having the user run a program on both the Point-A and Point-B pc’s that listened to a webservice via port 80 (linked through a unique id).  Point-A would upload the file to the webservice and then Point-B would poll the webservice checking to see if a file has been uploaded, then Point-B would initiate the download.  But this requires the extra step of uploading to an intermediary server first and then a download to Point-B.

Is there a way to do a direct connection from Point-A to Point-B without firewall modifications using .NET?  Or is there a better way of accomplishing this then a webservice?



Answer : Transferring files from Point A to Point B via .NET

The process in the destination can be a simple stanalode exe but still host a WCF service within it - look at the samples and videos, you can even hose a WCF service in  a console applciation if you want to

The proces son the source PC ( Point A) can also be a simple exe, need not be any kind of service, it can also be a simple Win Forms app or weven a console app

Do look into WCF in more depth I think itwill meet your needs

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