Question : Are there any problems changing an office network from T-1 broadband to 12.2 Mb Comcast Business?

Hi Experts:

I have a small network of XP Pro clients (<25) running through our own SBS 2003, with Exchange, providing FTP and a website using our own resgistered domain name (we host ourselves)- also a SOHO firewall. Because this was originally set up as purely entry level, the T-1 is split to carry the phones as well. End result is we get right about 768Kb both ways at best for the net. It is not inexpensive!

The company has decided to give Comcast Business a chance to make us an offer. It would be substantial savings and offer us the broadband at 12.2 Mb / 2Mb and 10 phone lines with our existing digital equipment. We have another Corporate Branded domain name that is hosted by another ISP that provides us with unlimited mailboxes - Comcast offers only 6, so I've discarded that idea. My question is 2 parts:

1)  Are there any technical issues for any of my equipment if I suddenly go from 768K to 12.2 Mb in speed? Using 100Mb Nics, can I be sure that we can actually use what is being provided?

2)  If I keep the other ISP that is hosting the corporate domain name, and completely dump the one I myself am hosting on the SBS, using the equipment for only an internal production network, how might that impact my operation? If the company had access to the internet anyway, through the other ISP, why are we spending money for more than a modest modem?

I feel like I might be missing something very basic here, but I just have to run it by you folks.

Thanks for your time.

Answer : Are there any problems changing an office network from T-1 broadband to 12.2 Mb Comcast Business?

Comcast should offer you business class service at a relatively inexpensive (clearly cheaper than T1) price and an option for static IPs... so why dump the SBS hosted domain?  (Why really use any ISP hosted domain?)

You have to consider your internet connection like a pipe.  Think of it like a 12 inch diameter pipe that gets water from whereever you tell it to - if you tell it to come from my network and I have a 6 inch pipe, then all you get is 6.  Further, that pipe is SHARED with others.  If 3 people are trying to download from three different sites, you could end up with 4.  EVERYTHING is shared at some point, but with cable the "shared" portion is typically closer to your physical location.  Ultimately, your exact performance can vary based on MANY factors.  BUT, it should be much, much faster than a T1.  

Otherwise, other than some changes to network settings because your IPs change, all you should need is a router.  The cable company should provide everything else.  It'll likely be a simpler setup.
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