Question : Migrate from Lotus Domino

If my organization uses Lotus Domino and we want to move to Exchange 2007, would we have to start at the beginning and lose all that we currently have built?

Answer : Migrate from Lotus Domino

Microsoft has provided the Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino, which consists of the following five components that you can use:
  • Directory Connector— Synchronizes objects between the Domino Directory and AD in much the same way the Microsoft Connector for Lotus Notes does in Exchange 2003.

  • Free/Busy Connector— Gives users running the Outlook and Lotus Notes clients the capability to perform calendar free/busy queries across the two systems.

  • Directory Migration— Enables you to create new AD user accounts for the Domino Directory users.

  • Mailbox Migration— Performs the actual migration of user data from Domino mail databases to Exchange 2007 mailboxes.

  • Application Migration— Enables the migration of Domino applications to Microsoft SharePoint.

You can learn more about these tools and download them directly from Microsoft at

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