Question : Webassist Dynamic Drop Down


I am creating a dynamic form where a user selects the first drop down and the second drop down is populated from a MySQL database. I have bought Webassist's Dynamic Drop Down and I can get this to work fine but need help for extra complexity:

Think of it like an appointment system, this is what I want: The first drop down box shows a list of Doctor's Offices. Then there is a javascript date picker (a free one, as I am unfamiliar with javascript) to select the appointment date and then there are a dropdown for the Doctors' available. I would like this Doctors' list to be limited to the selected Office and selected date.

With Webassist Dynamic Drop Down, I can see the way to do three drop downs but was wondering if it is possible to incorporate the picker in there too? Or is there a better way to achieve this?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Answer : Webassist Dynamic Drop Down

Hi alexking,

How will the system know if a particular doctor has the time slot available?
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